WIthin the comfort zone…

During the first year we stayed close to home. Following transfer, German M.O.T. and registration, we did not have any long trips in mind with the Riley. Instead, we rather took her on extended tours  within the vicinity of our home town. After all, we live in an Area where others spend their vacation. So why wander around in the distance, when good things lie nearby? Instead of a long narrative I just let the pictures speak for themselves…

Even though there was no long trip in sight, our short excursions with teh Riley were never boring. In fact we got ample of opportunities to do some spontaneous trips with friends and their classic cars.

The Mosel valley with its vineyards is always worth a visit. Care has to be taken though when taking photos from an elevated position: The slate rocks are not very solid basis to stand on with a heavy camera (don’t ask how I found this out…).

When some friend decided to get married, we had the perfect present for them: We picked them up at their church with the Riley. Later I heard that the other (modern) cars had difficulties to follow us and even got some speed tickets when trying to catch up! 

Autumn came as beautiful “Indian summer”, with perfect light in the late afternoon.

And finally November and December stayed above 0°C with no salt on the roads, so that we could even enjoy the Christmas lights with the Riley.

All in all, the Lady had confirmed her reliability. Some repairs were scheduled for the winter months, then she was ready for her first longer tour in the following year.

As usual, the photo gallery concludes this blog post. For a bigger version, please click the respective thumbnail..


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